I am fascinated (okay, maybe obsessed) with the journey from dark to light. Soul stirrings that trigger awakenings. The undulating and insistent still small voice within that may (and usually does) scream. Soul Alchemy. The rising song of the soul.

“Through my private sessions and programs, I will assist you in reclaiming your divine creativity.”

Utilizing practical, simple and life-altering tools, such as vocal work, guided meditations, energy psychology and other creative arts therapy techniques, you will come to remember the empowered and dynamic human being you were born to be.


Y ou already have the courage and ability to transform your life into the life you deserve…or else, you wouldn’t even be reading this. Truth is, you probably already know there is a way out. You know there is a solution. You may just need a little assistance in order to actualize your full potential (hey, we all do sometimes).

“Perhaps the very fact that you are reading this right now is some sort of divine synchronicity.”

My own life is mired and interwoven by a series of serendipitous and synchronous events, all of which have led me to this very moment. My own awakening began as a spark in the darkest days of my life: when I had lost my own music. For years I worked at record companies, as well as pursued my own career as a recording artist. At that particular point in my life, both had left me drained and thoroughly spent. So, after years of groveling in this darkness, something dawned on me. I must create or I will die. With this realization, I decided it was time to save my own life.

Stacie performace

As fate would have it,I found music therapy (or it found me) and my whole existence shifted on its axis. It was really no surprise – I’d been using music as therapy ever since I was a child, anyway. I fell asleep to “sleep tapes” chock full of poignant songs that I recorded from the radio. I scribbled rhymes in my Composition notebooks to cope with bullying in High School. I sang myself out of anxiety and into joy. I was always deeply connected to my own creativity as a tool for healing myself and others — I just needed to remember.


A whole new world has opened up to me through the exploration of my own unconscious – and this is how I would come to help others to explore their own.

One of the reasons why music is such a great tool to explore both apparent and hidden places in the psyche is that it bypasses our normal defense mechanisms and goes straight to the unconscious…and the heart. It is one of the reasons that if a song comes on that provokes a tender memory, the only way you can avoid tears is by turning the song off.

“Music doesn’t play around with you – it is a messenger, container, healer and redeemer.”

So, using music as therapy is really a no-brainer.


It is inherently and naturally therapeutic.


 I have benefited greatly from the utilization of music therapy in my own life. It brought balance back to my existence and helped me reclaim my art and rediscover my voice – a voice I had lost through trials and constant disappointment…and hinging my sense of self on something outside of myself: a fickle music industry.


Today, I have the pleasure of working with 100 plus people each week at Los Angeles rehabilitation centers likeSoba, CAST Recovery Centers, Rosewood, Cliffside Malibu. I’ve had the honor of facilitating bedside music therapy for kids at the prestigious Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (click here for video!) I launched the first ever creative arts therapy program at Little Flower Children’s Center in New York. I completed a rigorous 2 year Vocal Psychotherapy program which has deepened my understanding of the human voice and its trans formative potential.

I have a burning desire to work with people who crave deep change and those who have been pushed by pain to transform.

“It is my life’s mission to be of service to humanity by facilitating the discovery and recovery of the divine creative energy that is our birthright.”

So what’d say? Ready to get started?

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