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I share musical healing through lush songs that awaken the individual power within each and every one of us. From New York, to the world famous Carnival in Bahia, Brazil.


One of my greatest gifts is the capacity to contribute healing music across the planet. I have performed at various venues in Los Angeles and most recently, performed on NBC’s The Voiceand as a contributing vocalist with the legendary group Earth, Wind and Fire.I have also performed at a variety of venues in New York, including theCanal Room, Sullivan Hall, the Blue Noteand at the Fort Greene Music Festival where I was an opening act for rapper Common.



I am a snorkel guru. I sang “Ease on Down the Road” from the movie/play “The Wiz”at my nursery school graduation.I watch scary moviesand then sleep with the light on. I consider my Solo Travel a Spiritual Practice. When I was a kid, I gave $10 to a lady who looked crippled and then cried when she got up and walked away.

Stacie aamon fantastic


I received my Master’s Degree in music therapy from New York University. I received Sound Healing Certificationat the Open Center in New York City. I am also a certifiedVocal Psychotherapist. The method I use is a combination of these modalities, as well as energy psychology, intuitive healing and creative coaching.


I have 10 plus years experience as a Board Certified Music Therapist. My journey began when I accepted the position of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Therapist at North General Hospital in Harlem, NY. I provided music therapy services in the inpatient Psychiatry Unit, the MICA (mentally ill chemically addicted) Unit, the Detox unit, and the hospital’s outpatient Addiction Treatment Center.


  • “What a joy-filled experience with such beautiful people! I left lifted and inspired.. Singing/toning all the way home.. Everyone was so wonderful … just a really nice energetic feeling.. smiles and laughter…and learning. I love the way Stacie shares her knowledge. She’s informative, talented and fun! I would recommend this group to anyone who wants to have fun with their voice ; )”

    SimaTeacher - Los Angeles, CA
  • “Excellent on many levels. Stacie’s knowledge of the voice is transcendent. She is knowledgeable, sensitive, strong and intuitive. ( I could go on, you’ll have to experience her for yourself) We did a sound bath of voices that washed over me like….. so many corny sounding things come to mind. Hard to explain. I’ll just say it felt healing. You could feel that no one wanted to stop.”

    CarmenOwner/Stylist at Carmen’s Kids & Co., Encino, CA
  • “Stacie is a beautiful and amazing person who is a joy to be around. I am very thankful to her for doing this. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again.”

    MikeLos Angeles, CA
  • “My daughter, girlfriend and I had a wonderful time in your workshop Sunday and I am so glad I came…never had so much fun while relaxing and learning. The way you directed the session made us all so comfortable, we were all equal…no one outshining the other. We are all shy (not me so much) but we didn’t even think about that as an issue, I guess because it was like everyone there was feeling the same vibe which was another thing that made the experience so amazing. My daughter said she wants to come again…me too!”

    RonAccreditation Manager, Los Angeles, CA
  • “Excellent workshop. Very safe and fun and soulful.  Perfect for anyone that just wants to tap into their creative energy whether they are a singer or not!”

    PamDancer - Los Angeles, CA
  • “I especially liked how you transitioned from warm up exercises to moderate to more complex… and by the end we wrote a song! I bet half of the people there didn’t know they could do that! I see them coming back and bringing their friends and their friends bringing their friends… lots of fun!“

    EmilySinger/Songwriter, Rock Island, IL


I also facilitated creative arts therapy groups with youth and adolescents within the New York School system and facilitated a music improvisation group for a homeless HIV positive population, at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. I contributed music therapy services to outreach programs in Costa Rica and Brazil and  also facilitated workshops for female adolescents suffering from the trauma of sexual abuse.



I have a deep love and admiration for Salvador, Bahia, Brazil since visiting in 2006…while touring Brazil, discovered a bridge to a deeper connection with myself and the people of Salvador.  I had the opportunity to perform at Vilha Velha, Sankofa in Pelourinho, Teatro SESI and Tarrafa, as well asCarnaval 2012 in the Trio Quilombolasoul as a guest of Brazilian singer-songwriter Dao E A Caravanablack. I was also featured in numerous publications in Brazil, including “Muito” a weekly magazine featured in Bahia’s A Tarde newspaper.


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