Luminária: A Music + Mindfulness Weekend Workshop

Join Stacie, Music Psychotherapist, Sound Healer and Master Group Facilitator in this transformative training as she guides you in the recovery or discovery of your creative genius. In this weekend workshop, you will learn how to utilize music therapy theories, sound healing and mindfulness practices to access and activate your innate creativity.

We will explore ways to utilize sound and music to process emotions and heal creative injury, so that joy, confidence, luminosity and vitality becomes your new normal.

This training is perfect if you:

  • identify as a female luminary: teacher, healer, therapist, mother, leader, professional, boss, caretaker.
  • were told you that you “can’t sing”, or don’t feel like you are “Creative”.
  • are ready to learn to unlock your TRUE voice.
  • are sick and tired of feeling drained by your co-workers, clients and loved ones.
  • feel like you are burned out or approaching burn-out.
  • are ready to empower yourself by accessing your own creative tools, gifts and talents
  • are READY to BREAK FREE of familial and societal programming, so that you may live a purpose-driven and fulfilled life.
  • are ready to create more time and space for yourself
  • want to up your self-care game.
  • want to feel more confident, alive and full of zest and vitality
  • are interested in learning how to incorporate creative interventions into your offerings, classes, seminars.

Weekend Itinerary:

Friday, 6-9 PM: “Grounding”

  • Fire Ceremony
  • Song Tapestry™: Stacie’s music therapy method which compiles self-selected songs that emerge within the group conscious.  This exercise will set the tone for the weekend.
  • Create, state and ground our intentions through song.

Saturday, 10-6 PM: “Release and Reclamation” Vocal Healing and Activation

  • The Anatomy of Sound: We will learn basic posture and vocal techniques that support vocal healing practices.
  • Ceremony and Processing: We will examine beliefs about voice and singing and begin the process of (re)building intimacy with the voice.
  • Chant Workshop and Toning: We will explore fun and easy chants to awaken our voices and spark our creative genius.

Sunday, 10-6 PM: “Integration”

  • The Amontra Mindfulness Method™: We will explore practices to combat compassion fatigue utilizing this music mindfulness method. This will assist us in identifying our own “home frequency”, so that we will be able to better distinguish between our energy and the energy of others.
  • Female Energy Healing: We will incorporate energy healing, the singing bowls and voice to self-validate and reclaim our seniority.
  • Closing Ceremony/Musicking: We will integrate the work we’ve done over the weekend with a musical improvisation. In addition, we will explore how music and sound can be utilized to process emotion and whatever comes “up” in the group process.

What to bring:

  • Bring your own lunch on Saturday or Sunday. You will also have the option of ordering in or going out for lunch (there are a number of restaurants within walking distance of the Loft).

Also Included in Training Tuition:

  • Post 1:1 call one week after the Training
  • Welcome Packet
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Snacks, Coffee and Tea
  • Facebook Group Page
  • Song Tapestry™Spotify playlist
  • Discount on future Session Packages





About The Venue:

This training will take place at Cloud House, which is described as a luxury, modern bohemian loft, located in beautiful Marina Del Rey. The loft is specifically designed to create the feeling of living in the clouds, making it the perfect place for this transformative training. The space boasts 25 foot ceilings, polished concrete floors, and two painted statement walls by talent from Anthropology, which accentuates the overall neutral palette. The decor is a delicate balance of whimsy and bohemian modernity. The natural light is beautiful, and equally as magical at night with soft lighting, candles and candelabra. Cloud House also has its own kitchen, bohemian lounge, outdoor tables and fire pit.

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