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Are you skeptical of sitting on couches and spilling your guts to strangers?


Are you way too smart and savvy for the average, run-of-the mill-life-coach, self-help-mumbo -jumbo?


Do you sense a change is a ‘comin and that your inner world is shaking?


Do you secretly fear that you’ll never feel truly happy and/or fulfilled or that you’ll feel “stuck” forever?

“Then you are exactly the person I LOVE to work with.”

Not too long ago, I completely lost my voice, both literally and figuratively. Years of disappointments and trauma created a chasm and a disconnect between the life I was living and my authentic self. I was in the trenches of self-doubt and despair….and I lived to tell the tale.


N ot only did I survive, but now I thrive: I travel the world and shine my light on stages across the planet. I speak Portuguese fluently and live in Brazil part time. I run my own successful business and I get to be in service to one hundred plus souls on a weekly basis. I live in my dream home on the edge on the Ocean. I have healthy, balanced and fulfilling relationships with family and friends in whom I can trust and rely on.

Let me be clear: I am not bragging (it doesn’t really suit me!)

I mention these triumphs to underscore these 2 truths:

A fter working with thousands of people during my 10+ years as a music therapist, facilitating hundreds of powerful and transformative groups in hospitals, schools, corporations, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and workshops all over the world, I decided it was time to offer one-on-one services. I discovered that my workshop and group attendees were constantly staying late afterwards, asking the questions and wanting the answers that could take them even deeper into their personal process.


“Thus, a premium, private and uniquely designed program was born.”

My private sessions can be experienced in person or virtually, within the comfort of your own home (or while you are traveling!) and each session is customized to meet your specific goals, challenges and needs.

“My role is to facilitate the recovery and discovery of your authentic voice by creating a safe space in which to lovingly and efficiently guide you to clear and release any and everything that stands in between you and the person you were born to be.”

Here’s what to expect, almost immediately:


  • A decrease in stress levels as the movement of your own innate creative energy raises serotonin levels in the brain and instantly creates joy, vitality and an overall sense of well-being.
  • Increased motivation to pursue personal goals and dreams with passion, purpose and a renewed focus.
  • The restoration of trust in your own voice, which will lead to increased self-confidence, assertiveness and the ability to stand in your own truth.
  • The complete transmutation of the false ideas, belief systems and subsequent behaviors that are no longer serving your highest good.
  • An increased connection to the self which will create a healthy pathway for emotions to flow, safely and without obstructions.

Here’s what “not” to expect:


  • A boring and rhetorical therapy session where you are asked to dig up your entire past and reveal every single trauma, heartbreak and scraped knee.
  • A feel-better-quick scheme or microwave magic-instant enlightenment.
  • Coddling, enabling or tolerance for blaming everyone else for your problems.
  • A typical “music lesson” consisting of scales, tongue teasers and basic breathing exercises.

Here’s what’s included in a 3 – month package:

One hour weekly transformative coaching and music/creative arts therapy sessions.


Worksheets and supplemental materials to guide you on your journey.


Sound files, music tracks and songs to facilitate your creative expression.


Exciting, unique and personalized creative exercises, such as vocal improvisation, mantras, chants, song writing and song lyric analysis (just to name a few!)

you’ll also get:

A complimentary weekly check-in to support your ongoing progress. (value $100)


Upon completion of the package, an additional follow-up call to help implement your new program into daily life. (value $175)


An abundance of musical and therapeutic resources to deepen your continuing evolving self-awareness and personal growth (value: priceless!)

I am here to tell you that you can feel joy, freedom and vitality without self-medicating or spending obscene amounts of money on self-help programs, retreats, over seas pilgrimages or vision quests. Let’s get started today!

Stacie Aamon Yeldell, MA, MT-BC, AVPT

So what’d say? Ready to get started?

Together we can determine if a 3 or 6 month package is ideal for you.

Oh yeah…I always say I wish there were two of me so I could work with everybody! But, unfortunately, God only made one of me (thank goodness, LOL)! This means my private sessions fill up super fast, so if you are thinking of working with me, act now while there’s still space:-)

  • Creative Combo Session
    $250 90 Min.
    • Single Session
    • Intuitive Healing
    • Creativity Coaching
  • 3 Month Package
    • Bi-weekly transformative Creativity Coaching
    • Worksheets and supplemental materials
    • Sound files, music tracks and songbooks
    • Weekly check-in support
    • Exit interview
  • 6 Month Package
    • Welcome Package
    • One hour weekly transformative Creativity Coaching
    • Worksheets and supplemental materials
    • Sound files, music tracks and songbooks
    • Weekly check-in support
    • Exit interview

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