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  • Koz

    Great work!!! I swear that I’m listening to an actual trained psychologist! But then again some psychologists probably don’t even give advice this good LOL

    • stacie

      Thank you, Koz! I am a trained music psychotherapist, so that certainly helps, lol. I appreciate the love;-)

  • Dana

    This was amazing! Thank you for sharing! Yes, she is constantly showing her uncontrollable self in my life. I’ve tried bringing her into the fold. Making amends with the things that created her. Loving them and her. Still, I have this incomplete feeling, and she’s never satisfied. She helps me write great songs, though! lol

    • stacie

      Hey Dana, thank you for listening! Congrats to you for making amends, that’s awesome! I think its a feat just to acknowledge her existence. It’s been a slow and long road for me – I am still learning how to listen to her and give her what she needs. Perhaps, self-love is a lifelong job. Jung said that she shadow is the “seat of creativity” – you are most certainly an example of that…you have been a singing, producing and writing machine since we were kids! #yayyou Sending you much love!

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