I Want A Divorce

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  • Sankofa

    Yes! I’m with that!

    • stacie


  • Keva

    I am definitely ready for a “divorce” from worry. I too am going to sign the papers, and have even more faith in the Lord. I know that He has worked situations out for me before, therefore I need not have amnesia when trouble rises again. Your words were encouraging, reassuring, comforting, and “right on time”. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. ☺

    • stacie

      Girl, I can definitely relate to that “amnesia”. It’s actually what inspired this post – I continually gathered more and more proof of how trusting and surrender actually WORKS! It really is an honor to share my journey with the world…I am grateful my words were able to inspire you! Sending you much love.

  • Carolyn Walker

    Yes, I want a divorce from allowing myself to be bullied by people. As an empath, someone who is highly sensitive and intuitive. I often come across and/or attract those with very strong narcissistic traits.
    A line has been drawn. Boundaries established.
    I overflow with GRADITUDE…as I embrace solitude…the divine nature that exist deep within me.
    I am discovering some wonderful things about myself, despite all of my mistakes along the way. I, fell in love with my name, a hot cul of tea, just makes my toes curl, I’m humerous and silly. I even like “some” rap music..
    When I look in the mirror, I see beauty…when I look at my body there’s not a place, where there isn’t a scar…inner as well…I realize that I am more than a conquerer… no longer ashamed….I embrace the adult (Carolyn) child (Patience).
    GREATFUL, for your blogs, insights, creativity…for allowing your light to shine bright.
    I, prefer solitude, but, I no longer feel isolated.

    • stacie

      Yes, Carolyn! So beautifully said. And so it is!

  • N'Deye

    Wonderful post. I’ll be listening to this again and again. Time to actualize my potential. I want a divorce however feel nervous. The fear of the unknown. Thank you.😙 “When I am present, I behold the truth” Yes. Definitely will jot that down as a reminder. Stacie.

    • stacie

      Thank you, N’Deye! I am so glad this inspired you…and yes, the unknown can be super scary. I once had a teacher tell me to just “keep walking through it.” I notice when I keep the energy moving, one day I wake up and find myself in this “new normal.” It’s Fascinating! Happy trails;-)

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