a board certified music therapist, vocal psychotherapist and sound healing vocalist. I’m also the Founder of The Amontra Empowerment Collective. Thanks for coming by!

Stacie Aamon Yeldell, MA, MT-BC, AVPT

Hello, I’m Stacie

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a board certified music therapist, vocal psychotherapist and international recording artist. I’m so glad you came by!

Stacie Aamon Yeldell, MA, MT-BC, AVPT

Check out this scenario:

One day, you wake up with the courage to conquer your fears and ignite your inner fire. You lovingly and astoundingly transform your worries into affirmations and your doubts into certainties. The fog lifts and suddenly you are dancing or singing or sewing or sculpting or painting again. Creativity flows from you and through you like a serene stream. Suddenly, the dream house, the dream job, the dream man (or the dream woman) all show up. Maybe not at the same time (haha!) – but before your very eyes, your dreams manifest and your wishes are granted.

Sound like a fantasy? Not at all.

There is a power inside of you, a light, a strength.

You can probably feel it, even if its only for moments at a time. You may not always know how to access it, but it is most certainly there. When you tap into and harness this innate creative power, all things become possible…and I can help.

Feeling frustrated and triggered by world events?

Feeling lost and wondering how you can take action?

The change begins in you. We must all become the change we want to see. I can help you unlock your potential, so you can discover your soul assignment.

What is
Music Therapy?

MUSIC THERAPY is an established healthcare profession that uses music to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages.

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Promote Wellness

Promote Wellness

Manage Stress

Manage Stress

Alleviate Pain

Alleviate Pain

Express Feelings

Express Feelings

Enhance Memory

Enhance Memory

  • “What a joy-filled experience with such beautiful people! I left lifted and inspired.. Singing/toning all the way home.. Everyone was so wonderful … just a really nice energetic feeling.. smiles and laughter…and learning. I love the way Stacie shares her knowledge. She’s informative, talented and fun! I would recommend this group to anyone who wants to have fun with their voice ; )”

    Sima Teacher - Los Angeles, CA
  • “Excellent on many levels. Stacie’s knowledge of the voice is transcendent. She is knowledgeable, sensitive, strong and intuitive. ( I could go on, you’ll have to experience her for yourself) We did a sound bath of voices that washed over me like….. so many corny sounding things come to mind. Hard to explain. I’ll just say it felt healing. You could feel that no one wanted to stop.”

    Carmen Owner/Stylist at Carmen’s Kids & Co., Encino, CA
  • “Stacie is a beautiful and amazing person who is a joy to be around. I am very thankful to her for doing this. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again.”

    Mike Los Angeles, CA
  • “My daughter, girlfriend and I had a wonderful time in your workshop Sunday and I am so glad I came…never had so much fun while relaxing and learning. The way you directed the session made us all so comfortable, we were all equal…no one outshining the other. We are all shy (not me so much) but we didn’t even think about that as an issue, I guess because it was like everyone there was feeling the same vibe which was another thing that made the experience so amazing. My daughter said she wants to come again…me too!”

    Ron Accreditation Manager, Los Angeles, CA
  • “Excellent workshop. Very safe and fun and soulful.  Perfect for anyone that just wants to tap into their creative energy whether they are a singer or not!”

    Pam Dancer - Los Angeles, CA
  • “I especially liked how you transitioned from warm up exercises to moderate to more complex… and by the end we wrote a song! I bet half of the people there didn’t know they could do that! I see them coming back and bringing their friends and their friends bringing their friends… lots of fun!“

    Emily Singer/Songwriter, Rock Island, IL


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